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differently about sexual and reproductive health


A Few Words About Us

A not-for-profit, community interest company formed by Black and People of Colour working in sexual and reproductive health (SRH). We came together in 2018 to increase knowledge about the colonial influences on our practice. Our team is interdisciplinary and includes sex educators, doctors, campaigners, journalists, researchers and many others. 

We believe that ‘decolonising’ is not just an academic idea, but a practice that can address the huge health inequalities present in SRH. We are keen to share our practice, ethos and to educate others. Read our Manifesto to understand our guiding principles and get in touch if you wish to collaborate. 

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“[This workshop was] much better than I was expecting. It was so much more interactive and I didn’t realise how little I knew. Thank you.”


“Discussing sexual health without looking at how varying privilege, power and socialisation of different genders and ethnic groups impacts on people’s relationship to pleasure, bodily autonomy, risk etc means you miss so much. Decolonising Contraception may have changed my life.”

Emily Attendee

“The diagrams [in the workshop] were very helpful. I don’t know why we weren’t taught these things in school.”

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